Harvestia Oy is a wood procurement company part of Mondi Group, that sources birch pulpwood for Mondi Powerflute mill. In addition, we procure wood for our partners. Our wood sourcing areas are located mainly in North Savo and in northern parts of South Savo.

At Harvestia, our services to forest owners are flexible and reliable. We are an entrepreneurial-minded partner that aims to find solutions that will serve our customers in the best possible way. We support sustainable development and operate responsibly. More about responsibility and our certificates here.

As an employer, we want to grow together with our employees, and always inspire our people. At the moment, we employ approximately 25 people and more than 50 harvesting and logistics entrepreneurs together with their operators.

Harvestia is

A responsible company, that values safety and sustainable development.

A reliable wood buyer, that serves forest owners in the best possible way.

An entrepreneurial-minded partner, that finds versatile solutions.

An inspiring employer, that grows together with its employees.


Harvestia Oy is a wood procurement company part of Mondi Group. Harvestia sources wood for Mondi Powerflute mill located in Sorsasalo Kuopio.
In addition, Harvestia procures wood for our partners. Harvestia purchases stumpage and delivered pulpwood, saw logs and fuelwood.

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