At Harvestia, responsibility is one of our core values that we apply to all our operations in Finnish forests, every day. We source wood from sustainably managed forests and help you with sustainable forest management – professionally and respecting your forests.

Certified operator

Harvestia has PEFC™ and FSC® Chain of Custody certificates that verify the responsibility of our operations. As a part of sustainable forest management we take care of the nature, and take environmental aspects into account in every step of wood procurement.

We always know the origin of the wood. Our wood tracing system complies with the requirements of both PEFC™ and FSC® Chain of Custody certificates. We verify that the wood supplied to our mill is sustainably sourced, legally logged and procured according to the requirements of international forest certification schemes.

The management of Harvestia strives to do the highest possible to ensure that the company is not sourcing or delivering wood or by-products of forest industries, whose supply chains include any of the following:
• Materials from illegal loggings
• Loggings that violate civil rights or traditional rights
• Loggings in protected areas
• Loggings in areas that are conversed from forests to plantations
• Loggings in areas in which genetically modified trees are used or have been used


By sustainable forest management, we can support and maintain the diversity of our forest nature. At Harvestia, we are committed to operate sustainably and ensure that biodiversity is protected now as well as in the future, and for many generations to come. In commercial forests, diversity is safeguarded by several methods guided by forest certification schemes and legal requirements. These methods include for example retention trees, buffer zones around water systems and preserved valuable ecosystems. As a forest owner, you can enhance diversity in your forest also for instance by favouring mixed forests, leaving wider buffer zones or by saving nest trees. Our wood procurement experts will listen to your wishes and support you in diversity issues.

Growing forest is a carbon sink

Growing forest is a carbon sink that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forests’ role in climate change mitigation is significant because of carbon sequestration and carbon storages, but also because of the possibility to substitute wood for fossil fuels. The growing stock in Finnish forests has been continuously increasing the last decades and active forest management has had a significant role in the growth. Healthy and well growing young forests sequester carbon efficiently. By taking good care of your forests and by having thinning made at the right time, you help to maintain our forests’ growth and carbon sequestration and take climate action.


Harvestia Oy is a wood procurement company part of Mondi Group. Harvestia sources wood for Mondi Powerflute mill located in Sorsasalo Kuopio.
In addition, Harvestia procures wood for our partners. Harvestia purchases stumpage and delivered pulpwood, saw logs and fuelwood.

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